Actualités patrimoniales depuis le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

December 24, 2021

Analyse action : MamaMancini’s Holdings, Inc. – MMMB 24/12/2021




Les résultats du 3ème trimestre annoncés le 14/12/2021

Prix des matières premières en hausse

Acquisition imminente avec le cash dégagé par la structure

Les résultats du 3ème trimestre annoncés le 14/12/2021

MamaMancini’s Announces Acquisition of Two Premier Gourmet Food Manufacturers

T&L Creative Salads, Inc. (“T&L”) and Olive Branch, LLC, which are related premier gourmet food manufacturers based in New York. Closing is expected to occur on or about December 29, 2021, subject to closing conditions.

Cette croissance par acquisition externe devrait augmenter les revenus du groupe par l’augmentation du levier entre les trois marques.

MamaMancini’s management believes that taken together, T&L and Olive Branch are positioned to generate over $30 million in sales in calendar 2021, have the potential to drive sales of $35 million in 2022 and significantly increase MamaMancini’s net income. Management further believes that significant growth opportunities exist in leveraging the MamaMancini’s network of tier-1 distribution partners paired with the newly acquired product portfolio, which have relatively limited national distribution at this time.

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